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Getting Real...


On occasion I will make a statement that will surprise the person that I made the statement to. Often enough that person will have an entirely different opinion then mine. At one time I would put my guard up and then proceed to tell the person why my opinion was the right and his opinion was all wrong. However, as I have grown older and realized that it doesn’t make any difference what someone believes in. **Everyone** is entitled to their own opinion, no matter what others think. If he is your friend then he will respect your opinion and if he doesn’t, then f*ck him, he is not your friend anyway. I wish I could say that I practice what I preach but I am really trying.

There is a difference between being preached to and being provided advice. A friend will give you advice and others will try to convert and preach to you. I take advice kindly but please don’t preach to me.

Now, If you really are trying to irritate someone then get on the subject of religion or politics, you can really a real shit storm without even trying very hard. I used to go on Facebook, when I felt safe using it and make outlandish comments just to irritate people. I was a sad human being but it did work.

I have many opinions that are not the flavor of many but they are my opinions and who the hell am I? Nobody!

**So I will get it out here: ** I believe in a Womans right to choose, I believe that woman she be treated equally to men, I am a registered Democrat, however I do not vote down party line, I vote from the heart. Party doesn’t matter and lastly I am a **Atheist**. Yes, I am one of those people who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods. Sorry to disappoint anyone but this is what I believe.