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Apple Computer, a part of my life...

I have been fascinated by computers since I first time I laid eyes on one. In the early 80's computers where very expensive and mostly used in colleges and businesses. When the affordable personal computer the Commodore 64 was released I had to buy one. When I brought it home I didn't have a clue how to use it and soon ended up in my closet, leading a very lonely existence. My next computer purchase, early 1985, was a Tandy 1000 inspired by my father-in-law's recent purchase of the same. This Radio Shack made computer was much different. The Tandy 1000 came with an Intel 80286 processor. Processor is the brain of the computer. It came installed with MS-DOS and instructions on how to use it. I fell in love with it, spending every free moment on it. It wasn't long before I was teaching myself Basic Programming. Learning programming just fueled my fascination and love for computers.

Several months after purchasing my Tandy 1000, Radio Shack announced a new computer with an updated processor, the Intel 80386 inside, a full size expandable enclosure with expansion slots for adding internal drives and graphic cards, etc. When you write code for a computer, in a language like Basic it needs to be compiled into a binary file that the 20286(Brain) can read and execute. Compiling a larger code base can be time consuming. The faster the processor the faster the compiling. I was still learning Basic programming, so I did a lot of compiling. I would compile frequently to be sure my code was working as intended. Therefore, when the new Radio Shack computer was announced with the updated Intel 20386, I immediately ordered one.

While I was waiting to take delivery of my new Radio Shack computer, a friend mentioned that he had recently purchased an
Apple Computer called the Macintosh, Mac for short. He proceeded to tell me how wonderful and fun it was using this computer. It came with a graphical user interface and instead of writing MS-DOS commands you point and click at files on the desktop and enclosed in Folders. He asked me to come down to his home in Providence RI and check it out. I couldn't wait. The day arrived and I visited with him in his house outside Providence. From the moment he turned on the Mac and I heard that magical startup chime to the moment I left, I was astonished with everything about this new Mac computer. I wanted one. When I arrived home, mesmerized from my experience using the Mac computer, I immediately canceled my computer order with Radio Shack. Within the week I had a new Mac IIX sitting on my desk. Which BTW was an upgrade from my friends, who had the Mac II.

What a computer. It was so fun to use. No typing out MS-DOS commands to launch applications, move and delete files. Everything was drag & drop and it was entertaining and enjoyable to use. The color screen was a thing of beauty. To this day I can still remember my friend showing me a full resolution color picture of a frog in what have might have been
MacPaint. It was simply gorgeous, a work of true art, designed on the Mac computer. This picture will be embedded in my head till the day I die.
From that day forth, I spent a majority of my free time on my Apple made computer's and devices. I became a computer geek that day in Providence RI and I am proud to be a member of the Apple community.