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Religion, not for everyone.

I recently saw the following statement on Twitter.

"Out of hundreds of different religions you were born into the right one. Out of millions of Gods you worship the right one. Out of infinite amount of possible outcomes after death, your outcome is the right one. Good For You"

This statement got me pondering. Everyone that is committed to a particular religion believes the previous statement to be true and why wouldn't they? They are committed. Most were raised to believe their parents and teachers beliefs, they new best. But as we grow older we learn to think on our own and challenge some of the things we were taught, This is part of becoming an adult. If you still believe everything you were taught as a child by your parents and teachers to be held true today then you need to reconsider. Things change, in fact life is change and nothing but change, as we live, we are also dying, we live and then we die and everything in between should be cake. It is only those with the courage to ask questions, do the research and read, to seek out the truth and only those people who will realize that what we were taught may or may not be true. There isn't anything wrong with questioning what you were taught or your beliefs.

Do you question that which you ere taught?