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We All Make Mistakes

I have made mistakes. I regret those mistakes and I can truthfully say I am sorry for the mistakes I made that have harmed other persons. Whenever I can and the occasion arises, I will apologize for my current and/or past mistake. When you lash out and cause harm to another with your words, words that can never be taken back, you create a fracture in your friendship. When angry or upset with someone be careful before you speak, words can be so hurtful, more painful than physical pain and causing mental anguish that can last for years. This is why it is necessary to apologize for your actions as soon as possible. Apologizing releases you from the burden of your actions and gives the other person an opportunity to forgive and move on. An apology, a few words that can change lives.

Religion, not for everyone.

I recently saw the following statement on Twitter and it got me pondering the statement, why and it is so true,