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I wasn't supposed to grow old!


Earlier today I had a Dr's appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor's in Naples FL.

I had infused my last dose of a 14 day course of IV antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection in my lungs (
pseudomonas). Actually, they really aren't my lungs, they were donated to me from some poor fella who lost his life. I will refer to this person as my friend from here on in. Many people would call this person their angel. Since, I am an atheist, I choose not use the angel connotation. Continue Reading

Getting Real...


On occasion I will pass comment on a topic that will surprise the person that I made the comment to. Often enough that person will have an entirely different opinion then mine. At one time I would put my guard up and then get ready to defend my opinion by telling this person why I felt my opinion was the correct and his opinion was all wrong.

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