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Corporate greed endangers the primates of Asia!


I have loved primates since I was a young, always wanting a pet monkey. I have been especially found of the great red ape, the
Orangutan. I have spent many hours watching the Orangutans at the St Louis zoo. It breaks my heart to see that the population of these gorgeous primates have been depleted to the point of near extinction due to corporate greed.Continue Reading

Apple Computer, a part of my life...


I have been fascinated by computers since I first time I laid eyes on one. In the early 80's computers where very expensive and mostly used in colleges and businesses.
When the affordable personal computer the Commodore 64 was released I had to buy one. When I brought it home I didn't have a clue how to use it and soon ended up in my closet, leading a very lonely existence. My next computer purchase, early 1985, was a Tandy 1000 inspired by my father-in-law's recent purchase of the same. This Radio Shack made computer was much different. The Tandy 1000 came with an Intel 80286 processor. Processor is the brain of the computer. It came installed with MS-DOS and instructions on how to use it. I fell in love with it, spending every free moment on it. It wasn't long before I was teaching myself Basic Programming. Learning programming just fueled my fascination and love for computers.Continue Reading

Getting Real...


On occasion I will pass comment on a topic that will surprise the person that I made the comment to. Often enough that person will have an entirely different opinion then mine. At one time I would put my guard up and then get ready to defend my opinion by telling this person why I felt my opinion was the correct and his opinion was all wrong.

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